I am a writer in Kansas City. My purpose is to set out at mid-life on a journey to create projects and challenges, so that today and tomorrow and the day after offer something new. A journey that carries me to new places physically, but also unexplored regions within the soul.

This is my record of a journey to a place both within and without. To start afresh, right from the beginning. This blog is my boat sailing by night, into the dark, unknown and uncharted. Isn’t that what the future is?

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I can take my eyes off the Instagram picture in the lower right corner of your site…oh, the pastries! The one in front looks like it might be a pain aux raisins, or it might be my very favorite of all…an escargot au chocolat. If it’s the latter, you’d better not tell me. I might start weeping from jealousy! Bon appétit. 🙂

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