Two kinds of people

Perhaps it means I’m cautious, or contemplative, or earth-bound. You see, I prefer the beach to the boat and the valley to the mountain top. I like to walk the shoreline, watch the light change the colors of the sea and feel the force of the waves battering the rocks, much more than I enjoy sailing on a boat looking back at the land. Exploring the craggy coastline below or relaxing in the cafe at sunset suits me.

I also much prefer standing knee-deep in wildflowers in a mountain meadow, gazing up at the clouds drifting across the mountain peaks, rather than perching atop the mountain high above, scanning the patchwork of land and the ant-like cattle grazing. Top of the Eiffel Tower or down below peering up through the iron latticework? You guessed it: below looking up. Beach or boat? What kind of person are you?
Paris, Sept. 25-Oct. 5, 2010 173

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